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Choosing the right skin care regimen is a daunting task. And to make things worse there are a plethora of products out there. Part of the problem is that no single brand makes the best products for every patient, what works for some people doesn’t for others. That’s why Dr. Namsupak has decided to incorporate the scientifically proven Skin Type Solutions System. With this system we use science to evaluate your skin and then create a customized regimen for you that utilizes the best products from each skin care brand.

How Skin Type Solutions Work


The Skin Type Solutions System evaluates four facial skin attributes to scientifically determine your Baumann Skin Type.

Skin Type Solutions Bingo Card

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Dry (D) vs. Oily (O)
Your skin’s oil production and ability to hold onto water determine your skin’s hydration status and tendency toward enlarged or clogged pores.


Sensitive (S) vs. Resistant (R)
Sensitive skin types experience acne, redness, burning, stinging or frequent rashes. Resistant skin types rarely suffer from inflammation, and need stronger ingredients.

Pigmented (P) vs. Non-Pigmented (N)
Pigmented skin types experience discoloration, while Non-pigmented skin types are even in color. This parameter is independent of ethnicity.

Wrinkle-Prone (W) vs. Tight (T)
Wrinkle-prone skin types require anti-aging ingredients, while Tight skin types are teenagers and others who are not yet ready for aging prevention.

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As part of your consult we will give you a simple 5 minute questionnaire that will help us determine your specific skin type. Then we can prescribe a regimen that is carefully selected for you.


Your skin is your body’s largest organ and gives you a healthy youthful appearance and for these reasons we want to get you the best combination of skin care products. We know that consistency is key to ongoing skin health so we keep a selection of products in office for you to purchase. In addition, if you are not able to make it in for refills we also have an easy online ordering system through our website and app so your products can be delivered to right to your home.

Schedule an appointment by contacting us at 304-244-6789 or or booking online.

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